Is the price the same if we only have one family stay or 4 to 5 people?

Price is negotiable in non-peak periods.

Can we have more than 12 people stay?

Yes, but there is an extra charge of $20 per night/per person  to a maximum of 20 guests. This fee and limit applies also if tents or a caravan/camper trailer is brought in. BYO linen applies for all extra guests and additional cutlery and crockery may be required.

Why can’t children under school age stay?

It is Joy’s aim to ensure that all guests are treated to a luxurious, fun and relaxing stay.  The safety of all guests is of paramount concern.  Joy is a two storey, fully furnished luxury home that includes furnishings that have not been placed at heights, or with additional safety barriers that protect younger children from potential internal or external deck hazards.  The river frontage is also unfenced which is a serious hazard for very young children that may escape from unsupervised even momentarily.

We also urge guests to ensure all children 13yrs and under to wear life jackets when swimming and enjoying water activities.

Are life jackets provided?

There are 2 or 3 life jackets for children that can be used, however we recommend that you bring your own life jackets to ensure they fit all guests as required.

Can we bring our own linen for a cheaper price?

Yes, we are happy to deduct $100 from the overall booking price.  Please note you will need to bring all linen including tea towels, bath mats, all towels, sheets, pillowcases.

Can we have a later check out?

This can be negotiated depending on whether other guests are booked in after you.  Latest checkout would be 3pm.

Can we bring pets?  If so, is there fencing around the property?

Being family friendly also includes pet friendly, however please refer to terms and conditions for clarification. Pets are not permitted inside the premises and it is important that any dogs be fully socialised as at present Joy is not fully fenced. Your dogs can stray if not watched and neighbours dogs can come and go freely.What happens if we accidently break something during our stay?

The upstairs front deck is fully contained with a gate, however constant barking at other dogs and native wildlife will not be tolerated for long by neighbours, especially in the middle of the night. If this occurs, they may need to be put in your car.

Can we hire a skiboat?

Murray Bridge Skiboat hire delivers and collects ski boats to and from Brenda Park.  Hire includes putting the boat in and out of the water, skis, wakeboard and ropes. A boat licence is required. Check out their deals out at

When can we light the fire pit?

The fire pit can be used anytime unless there is a total fire ban in the Mid-Murray Council area.

What happens if we accidently break something during our stay?

Depending on what is broken and how, a replacement item may be invoiced to you and deducted from your bond. 

Do we need to bring drinking water?

Filtered water is supplied in the kitchen and to the fridge water/ice outlet. The remainder of the premises has town mains or rainwater throughout. (No river water in the showers that flattens your hair!)

What TV channels are available?

All of your favourite free to air TV stations are available via rural TV Network broadcasting.  This includes footy, cricket, tennis and all your mainstream favourites.

Is there any WiFi?

We are still waiting for NBN, so until such time, there unfortunately isn’t automatic unlimited WiFi.  The kids will be horrified and we can hear them groan! After the initial shock subsides, the kids will find unlimited things to do and find they won’t miss it, despite not admitting to it.  Joy is a real holiday retreat; free from work, sport commitments, daily routines and also social media pressures.

Limited data WiFi is available and can be arranged for work, studies and communication purposes at an extra charge.  Telstra coverage is also good, so you can also use your phone as a hotspot if you need to briefly connect other devices.

What do you need to bring?

Once you confirm your booking by paying your deposit, a full list of items of what Joy offers and what to bring will be emailed to you.

How do we find Joy in Brenda Park and how do we get access?

All this information will be emailed you once your booking is confirmed.

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